Sunday, 21 June 2015

Eco Friendly Printing – A Great Way to

Now with new technologies many printer companies have launched eco - friendly printer which benefits the company a lot. One of the advantage of this printer is they use only soy ink or vegetable ink. Another advantage is recycled paper can be used instead of normal papers. These printers are expensive but are very profitable. There is always a remedy for everything that we do and it is in our hands to follow that and repair the damage that we did. It is the only possible way by which we can make Mother Nature happy and beautiful once more.

Being Best eco friendly printing can start right from every home and it can happen when we don't waste electricity or any fuel unnecessarily and by avoid using personal vehicles and start using public transport. Trees are being cut down to make papers and inks produce harmful gases which affects plants and also mankind. Almost 70 % of people still are still wasting papers. So to stop people from wasting papers a group called "GO GREEN" has formed for delivering messages about global warming to people. Normal printing processes till date are known to use a lot of natural non renewable resources like paper, water and energy. 

A lot of trees and the forests are being destroyed for the sake of papers, a lot of fresh water is being polluted and wasted and we waste a lot of energy too. All these are giving irreparable damages to the planet and hence we are getting the trouble back by means of increasing amount of carbon dioxide and other pollutants. The best printer used at the time of global warming is the eco-friendly printer. Even with advancement in technologies people are still wasting papers and inks. The paper and ink are the main cause for global warming.

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